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Donec sed odio dui. Etiam porta sem malesuada magna mollis euismod. Nullam id dolor id nibh ultricies vehicula ut id elit. Morbi leo risus, porta ac consectetur ac, vestibulum at eros. Praesent commodo cursus magna.

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BJP government has been working on lot of initiatives for the benefits of Poor, Youth, Women, Farmers. The central concept of Antyodaya-uplifting the poorest of the poor-is the driving philosophy of many government schemes View detail.

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About Amal Mahadik

Leader of The People, For The People

Honest and efficient politicians are like white elephants–they are a breed of politicians so rare we sometimes think they don't exist anymore and then there is Amal Mahadik, a leader of the people and for the people who has blazed a trail through his "servant leadership". Born and brought up in Kolhapur, he is a true son of the soil. His parents, father Shri Mahaeorao Ramchandra Mahadik and Mother Shrimati Mangal Mahadeorao Mahadik brought him up with traditional values of integrity and nationalism. His advocacy for fairness and justice for the common man was inculcated in him during his formative years by his parents. His Wife Shoumika Amal Mahadik, is also an active social worker. She works primarily on women empowerment and runs a lot of initiatives to empower rural women; with regular health check, better education and helping them become financially independent.

Every member in his family has contributed towards Amal's achievements and he has got the right guidance from his family.

He did his BSc major in Mathematics from Swami Vibekanand College Kolhapur. His penchant for problem solving rather than deriving political mileage from issues can be attributed to his educational background. A dynamic sports man, he used to enjoy a good tussle playing kabaddi and in trailblazing 100m sprints.

Even in his college days he was actively involved in socvgial activities. During this phase, the seeds were sown in his heart that he wants to work towards the betterment of the common man and decided to dedicate his life towards that aim.

The Visionary

"Be the change you want to see in this world"

This is what our father of the nation taught us and this is what Amal has imbibed. Positive change and societal growth comes when each of us decides to positively contribute towards it. This is what drove him towards social work in his college days. There he saw the synergy of social work with politics. He realized that politics need not be a dirty word and it can be a force for the greater good. It could be a medium to realize his ultimate goal; which is positive contribution towards society & people of Kolhapur.

That is when he decided to step into the limelight.

Kolhapur is steeped in Indian culture and has witnessed its rich history first hand. Amal considers it his moral obligation to share this rich heritage with the entire world. His vision is to work towards positioning Kolhapur as one of renowned heritage & tourism destination of India. This will help the local community and businesses at large and give the common folk a chance to prosper.

The Leader

The measure of a great political leader is the extent to which they leave a footprint on those that follow.

Today, breathing defiance and conviction in equal measure of integrity and courage, Amal makes us believe that "we are all in this together". It is only together that we can make a difference.

That is what sets him apart. He is the leader of the masses and champions numerous causes important to the public. Few of the examples are:

  • Empower villages & gram panchayat's to become self-sufficient for basic needs Water & Electricity
  • To educate & change the outlook of people of his constituency towards basic sanitization.
  • Helping underprivileged kids with books & education.
He has been fearless in highlighting the common man's needs above bureaucratic layers or individual benefits. Always ready to help & contribute to society & his people.

Politics is his way of making a difference in his constituency.

And that is how he wants to be remembered.

"The Leader who made a difference"

Career Highlights 2005 – Started Work as party member

2007 - Won 'Zila Parishad' Election

2009 – Elected as Director of Chatrapati Rajaram Sahkari Sakkar Karkhana

2012 – Re-elected as 'Zila Parisad' member

2014 – Elected a MLA from South Kolhapur

Social Contribution
  • Organized camps and donated money for heart surgery to underprivileged people.
  • Dattak Yojana: Adopted underprivileged students for their education expenses.
  • Distributed Wheel chair & other support equipment required for the differently abled.

"The Statesman"

People First & Always: With great power comes great responsibility. The first and foremost responsibility of a leader is towards his people. His policies and political clout are in the servitude of the people who have bestowed him with this responsibility. As a servant leader, Amal empathizes with the needs of his people and has made great efforts to empower them. He wants to develop an online system with actual survey data for classification of people who are-

  • Economically challenged.
  • Widows
  • Physically challenged
  • Youth with skills
His systems will allows these people to access all the govt. benefits available for the downtrodden.

Ensuring the legitimate govt. benefits reach to people who need it the most.

Equal Opportunities & Benefits: Self-starter & generate employment opportunities

To make our democracy significant, we need more people from all walks of society, the rich & poor, man & woman, to come forward actively and participate in the change. Common folk want this great nation to prosper, develop and grow quickly, just like their aspirations and dreams. For this to happen, there need to be leaders who understand and relate to this.

Red tape & license raj had denied equal opportunities for the common man. This is what led to corruption becoming a way of life. Now it is the mandate for the elected leader to drive equal growth opportunities for different strata of the society. Quality education, healthcare, vocational training and employment are important focus areas in order for India to reap the demographic dividend.

Keeping this in mind Amal started sowing seeds for the future generations.

He started with children's education.
  1. Deprived kids get Books, School dress, Bag. From govt, to ensure that they receive proper education.
  2. Amal funded Accidental Insurance for Children of 16 years to 20 years from his own pocket. So far 15000 people have covered under this scheme with equal distribution between boys and girls.
Go Green Initiatives- Year in and year out people of Maharashtra have suffered serious droughts that have driven farmers to suicide. These disasters are not only the wrath of Mother Nature but also a consequence of our human greed. The talk of development and growth cannot ignore its impact on nature.
  • Reduce Plastic:
    • Universal usage of paper bags instead of plastics.
    • Encourage households to recycle plastic
  • Renewable Power:
    • Encourage businesses to switch to solar and wind power.
    • Provide economic impetus to farmers to switch to solar power for irrigation.
    • Mandatory Water conservation & rain water harvesting for rural folks.
  • Tree plantation:
    • Mass drives across Kolhapur for planting trees
"Green Kolhapur" is what Amal has envisaged and is acting towards.

Self Sufficiency: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This is the universal truth of society but is rarely practiced by political figures. To gain political mileage politicians drive short term policies to gain votes, but in the long run nobody is better off. Sustainable development is possible only when the people are self-sufficient.

This is what "Make in India" means. To become self- sufficent, Amal wants to start with the villages. Empower them to be charge of their own development. Educate about modern tools and techniques for agriculture and holistic health care services. Tapping into renewable energy sources for electricity generation and create local solutions without tapping into the national grid.

Opportunities in sectors like tourism can provide the necessary employment to the less educated and semi- skilled labor. With this aim in mind Amal has taken efforts to turn Kolhapur into a heritage tourist destination.

The challenge is to evolve a framework that is not only focused on selfish growth, but also creates meaningful employment and opportunities for the people of Kolhapur.